I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

What Is Wrong With People?

From Facebook posting by Chicks On The Right

Written by Mockarena

You’ve probably heard the news that American journalist James Wright Foley was beheaded by ISIS yesterday, in a “message to America.”  They are threatening to kill another American journalist, Stephen Joel Sotloff, if Obama doesn’t make the “right” decision.

I know I speak for every decent human when I say that I am just sickened over this insanity.  It’s mindboggling to me that we actually are the same species as the ISIS terrorists.  How can human beings behave this way?

The answer, I suppose, is that they are sub-human. They are inhuman. They are monsters in human form. And I’m barely able to wrap my head around that kind of evil. 

The Boston Globe has an early interview with Foley in which he describes his capture in Libya – it’s interesting, but also devastating considering yesterday’s events.

And since I’m already feeling sickened by all of that, I may as well pile on and tell how how sickened I am by this, too. According to that sourcelink, a Ferguson looter named DeAndre Smith, who I HOPE has either already been or is about to be arrested, said this, about his own looting activity:

“I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community. St. Louis — not going to take this anymore.”

“We deserve this,” he said.  He was one of the criminals who robbed the QuikTrip in Ferguson.  This is how the minds of these thugs work.

I need to go find a good samaritan story.  Or a military homecoming story.  Or a pay it forward story.  Because right now, I am feeling like absolute crap about humanity in general.

Feel free to post happy things in the comments.  Or commiserate with me.  Either way.


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