I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

I’m So Tired . . .

I am so tired of the Democrats taking more and more away from those who work and give it to those who refuse to work. 

I am also tired of the Republicans who constantly tell us how the Liberals are doing this wrong and that wrong and should  be investigated and  or impeached and yet they don’t do anything . . . . nothing.    

I am so tired of the political process that I now have a few simple voting rule.  Number One is that I will never again vote for a Democrat;  and yes I have voted for a few in my lifetime – as a matter of fact I was a Democrat for a good many years until I realized that the party no longer represented my values and beliefs.

Number Two I will not vote for any Republican who isn’t strong enough to be willing to go toe to toe with their Democratic opponent.  And there are only a very few who show that they have enough guts to do this.   If they don’t run a good strong Conservative candidate I will actually refrain from voting as it does no good to elect a Democrat Lite.


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