I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

I Am Offended – Part 1

I am so offended that bunches of whinny little people are pretty much making ALL of us change who we are and what we do and what we say. And we seem to be so afraid of them that we do it. The bottom line is that no body will go through life never seeing or hearing or experiencing things we don’t like of that “offends” us – it is not possible unless we live in a closet and never go out into the “real” world.

Lets take this to the extremes and be offended say by towns or cities that have Kill in their names.

Battenkill (What is a Batten and why do they kill them?), Catskill (Does that mean they like to kill cats?), Fishkill (Why are they killing all the fish?) how about Waterford . . . we use water to Baptize people so the word water should be eliminated; I am also offended that on TV and in Movies men are portrayed as bumbling idiots who act like children – they should always be portrayed as the hard working, family supporting people that they are. I am offended by politicians who have armed body guards who want to take everyone else’s guns away.

I am offended by the trash that the entertainment industry puts out, have we no shame or morals anymore? I am offended that these people have slowly but surely changed our culture to accept things that used to be considered dirty / sleezy / immoral etc. It is no wonder that our society is falling apart.

I am offended that the very people who need welfare and food stamps and public housing are all walking around with iphones, ipads and other such devices.

I am offended by people who drink their coffee “black”. – isn’t that racist?

As a big person I am offended by people wearing “skinny” jeans.

I am offended that car tires no longer have the “white wall” option. Whats up with that?

I am offended that sports teams show white males in a bad light such as “Buccaneers” and “Raiders”. Shouldn’t tall people be offended by “the Giants”.


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