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Friday, 11/07/2014 – 02:45 pm EST

Let’s Take A Few Minutes To Soak In The Epic Stomping Of Wendy Davis In The Election Tuesday. Because LOOK!

Written by  Mockarena

The National Review has the most delicious write-up about Wendy Davis’ loss in Texas Tuesday, y’all.

They call her “overexposed” and a “publicity-stunt actress with show-stopping athletic shoes.” 

They say, that just like President Obama, Wendy Davis may be “constitutionally incapable of humility.”

I love that.

But one of the most astute observations was about her build up by the Democratic machine, and the silence of that same machine after she was obliterated by Abbott.  The column says:

For Davis was, indeed, a star made, not born — specially selected by the national Democratic party Powers-That-Be as the messiah who would bring peace and social justice to the Texas wilds. That is, until it became clear that she did not stand a chance against Republican Greg Abbott, at which point the national machine withdrew its support and left Davis a sacrificial lamb. MSNBC prostrated itself before Davis in the days and weeks following her filibuster. After briefly noting her loss Tuesday night, the network never mentioned her again. Wendy? Wendy who?

To be fair, it was hard to find a silver lining in her performance. Davis not only lost by a full 20 points (59.3 to 38.9 percent, according to Politico) and just under 1 million votes. She lost easy Democratic areas, such as San Antonio’s Bexar County and Houston’s Harris County. She lost women, according to exit polls. She lost two-thirds of voters over the age of 50. She lost self-styled “moderates.” She lost anyone with a high-school degree or more.

But here’s the best news of all.  Wendy also lost her state senate seat, and it went to Konni Burton, a tea-partying, pro-life Republican.



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