I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

From a daily newsletter I get: Brutally Honest

This morning I articulated bluntly how I felt about Obama’s reaction to Tuesday’s electoral drubbing, a drubbing revealing the country’s clear disgust with his policies and with those who’ve supported those policies.

This afternoon, I find that the Anchoress has weighed in on Obama’s dismissiveness as only she can:

Although very likely we all hoped, sincerely had hoped, that it would be otherwise, President Obama could not find anything like grace, maturity, professionalism, magnanimity or humility when responding to the undeniable drubbing his party took — largely, it would seem, due to the weight of his own
hubris-laden anchor — in yesterday’s election.

Despite the availability of Peggy Noonan’s excellent prompts, Barack Obama at his press conference today was tone-deaf, singularly graceless and spectacularly clueless, as well:

From all appearances Wednesday, the president won’t change—not his policies, not his style, not his staff, not nothing. Defiant and begrudging, the president said he would meet with GOP leaders, seek their suggestions for common ground, and maybe grab a drink with Senate Majority Leader-to-Be Mitch McConnell. Beyond that, meh.

Even for a mortified-seeming Chris Matthews, the thrill is gone.

Obama has always been a small man with thin-skin, boasting only a defensiveness that belied his superficial polish, and so little imagination that he believed the words “I won” constituted outreach to the loyal opposition.

This afternoon, the country that had just put “paid” to the realities of his brand of “hope-and-change” dared to hope — just one more time — that Barack Obama would act like a president instead of a spoiled prince-ling. And when he failed, again, there seemed to be a collective sigh of lost patience, full-disillusionment and, finally, disgust.

She’s got more including a poignant and pointed video snippet well worth the link click.

Go.  Laugh.  Then cry.

How in God’s name did this guy ever get elected.

It’s the question of the age, to which the answer of course is completely and utterly depressing.

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