I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

  • Posted by Jeff Dover on November 11, 2014 at 11:30am

    The press failed to make a difference in the last election, not that they didn’t try with their usual skewed polls.  Here are some of their failed efforts of distraction and advocacy:  Writing today, Alan Caruba recounted how the voters threw “climate change” into the garbage pail where it belongs.  It made no difference in the 2014 voting despite the nearly hundred million dollars that so-called “environmental organizations” spent on their candidates. (I refer to them as “so-called” because I’m certain that they are only fronts for anti-capitalist, totalitarian regime wannabes).  We told them to “take a hike” with our votes.  Ditto the “war against women”.  That totally blubbed and sank, despite the hysterical claims, duly reported and discussed by our “unbiased” media.  Then has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, now that the elections are over, ebola virus and the attendant hysteria is off the front pages?  What?  Did someone find the cure?  Did the disease suddenly become less dangerous?  Where did it go?  Ditto ISIS.  Has anyone noticed that ISIS suddenly isn’t the crisis that it was just prior to the elections?

    Not to worry, though.  The enviro-jerks will renew their efforts to advance ridiculous charges and claims, idiocies we can count on our press to diligently follow, report and indulge in discussion as if they deserved credence.  As Rush Limbaugh used to be fond of saying, liberals are wacky when they’re in power, but get even wackier when they’re out of power.  In evidence of that,  Rush mentioned on his show yesterday that the Left is presently trying to press the idea that a new “cold war” is in progress — just in time to coincide with the Republican majorities and the strong likelihood that the next president will be a Republican.  This will be their new, big fear offensive.  Limbaugh’s contention is that as soon as Democrats are out of power, they begin the dialogue that the world is in danger because of Republican policies, conjuring the threat of global nuclear warfare.  Of course, the press’s initiative with this cold war thing ignores the fact that there no longer exists a rationale for a “cold war”.  Oh well, liberals never did have to make any sense to motivate their fans.  In their fear-mongering, the Left sidesteps reporting and analysis of the power vacuum left by Obama’s regime, a vacuum which has emboldened so many nations, including Russia, to commence various military actions.  Almost unbelievably and to me, personally embarrassing as a US citizen, it turns out that Obama has been engaging in “secret” negotiations by letter with Iran’s leadership.  The Iranian newspapers have been publishing the letters!!  Obama thinks he’s negotiating in good faith, secretly, and Iran is putting it all out in front of its public!  That’s how much respect they have for Obama.  What can our friends and allies– any that we still have – think?  Yet where did I hear about that?  Not from our mainstream media.  I heard it on Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday.  But when you think of it, it’s understandable:  how could the mainstream media report on this embarrassing and dangerous episode created by an incompetent Democrat president and at the same time try to raise worries about Republicans creating a new cold war?

    What’s important, however, is that despite their efforts to distort and distract, the public didn’t take the bait.  In fact, on election night, the Fox ratings blew all the others out of the water.  Now here come the mainstream media, following all these failures, trying to suck us into worrying about the Republicans in office.  No one listened to them in the election lead-up and yet they believe that by repeating the same sorts of ridiculous stories, concocted for the effect, that we’ll start listening to them once again?  I think that’s over.  We’ve heard it all before, from racism to the new “cold war” and all the silliness in between.  We no longer believe their lies in large enough numbers to matter.

    I’m cautiously thrilled with the new GOP majority, but I believe that there’s a warning in this for them too.  They stiffed us during the Bush years and did so again through 2014 following the the landslide we handed them in 2010.  We handed them another, even bigger landslide this month but it’s different now.  We expect results and we’re watching…really watching.  Hearing McConnell and McCain talk at the outset evokes zero confidence, but they had better get a clue.  We’re wise to the press and we’ve thrown them under the bus.  If Republicans continue to perform for their big financial interests while thumbing their noses at their base and the vast majority of those who cast their votes for them in 2014, like the press, they will find that no one believes them any longer.  And like that press which has been replaced in large part by internet outlets for news and opinion, they might find that their party is replaced with a party which responds to its people.  They might believe that it will be “business as usual”…but it won’t be.

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