I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

From Chicks on the Right

Written by  Daisy

According to Campus Reform, Rick Perry made a visit to Dartmouth College, and on the Democrat side of the aisle, there were some disgusting questions – about anal sex.  Because of course there was.

One of the questions included, “I know you have been very strong on all foreign policy issues, including Somali pirates, but what is your stance on butt pirates?”

Knee-slapping hilarious, right?

It’s easy to be this funny when your Mommy and Daddy are more than likely mortgaging their home to shell out $61,000 a year for your education, I suppose.  (And that doesn’t cover your J.Crew allowance.  God knows you gotta have that to go with the smug look on your pretentious face.)

Anywho, a kid named Ben Packer is the one who spearheaded that question and others.  And he passed out a list of said questions before the event – on a little flyer – and gave that list to other students:

Also at the event, he asked if Perry would “accept anal sex in exchange for $102 million in campaign contributions.”  Because Democrat punks are classy that way, as are all left-leaning Ivy leaguers, these days, apparently.  Y’all remember when I wrote just a about a week ago about Harvard offering a workshop called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101”? That happened.  Seriously – WHAT is their OBSESSION WITH ANAL SEX?  And why do we have to discuss it at the college level, as if it’s something we actually need to discuss?  Or TEACH, for that matter? Can we maybe have a workshop about the economy, perhaps?  Or about national security?  Anal play is really what we need to discuss, Dartmouth, kid?  Really?  That is what you want to discuss with a man like Rick Perry?


Yet Dartmouth is what people tell me is a bastion of higher education in this country.  This is considered “ivy league.”  It apparently warrants 61K a year.  

And people wonder why kids are opting out of college and learning trades…

You want to know what’s really funny?  Ben Packer.  And pretty much all “ivy league” schools in our country right now.   


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