I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Homosexual Rights

From tolerance to tyranny

When the homosexual rights movement began in the 1990’s, the message was tolerance.  They said, we don’t want to take over your churches or force anyone to do something they don’t want to do.  We just want tolerance.

In general, every time a liberal politician makes a promise you know they are lying and when they say we don’t want to do something, you can bet that is exactly what they want to do.

The homosexual movement has gone from demanding tolerance to demanding tyranny.  Now the next shocking step in their assault on liberty is here.

What is it?

From the Washington Times:

Coeur d‘Alene, Idaho, city officials have laid down the law to Christian pastors within their community, telling them bluntly via an ordinance that if they refuse to marry homosexuals, they will face jail time and fines.

The dictate comes on the heels of a legal battle with Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post wedding chapel in the city, but who oppose gay marriage, The Daily Caller reported.

A federal judge recently ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, while the city of Coeur d‘Alene has an ordinance that prevents discrimination based on sexual preference.

The Supreme Court’s recent refusal to take on gay rights’ appeals from five states has opened the doors for same-sex marriages to go forth.

The Knapps were just asked by a gay couple to perform their wedding ceremony, The Daily Caller reported.

“On Friday, a same-sex couple asked to be married by the Knapps, and the Knapps politely declined,” The Daily Signal reported. “The Knapps now face a 180-day jail term and a $1,000 fine for each day they decline to celebrate the same-sex wedding.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a suit in federal court to stop the city from enforcing the fine and jail sentence, saying in a statement from senior legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco that the government has overstepped its bounds, The Daily Caller reported.

“Many have denied that pastors would ever be forced to perform ceremonies that are completely at odds with their faith, but that’s what is happening here — and it’s happened this quickly,” Mr. Tedersco said, The Daily Caller reported.

The end game is here.  No longer is it a matter of simple tolerance but it is tyranny.  No disagreement will be tolerated.  People will be forced to obey.

If Coeur d’Alene thinks this is a good idea, then it is time to kick that city out of the United States.  For those conservatives who say we should stick to fiscal issues only, this should be the wake up call.  These social issues are crucial to freedom and liberty.

Either the fight starts now and every conservative is in the fight or we say goodbye to America as a free nation.


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