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Miley Cyrus and Politics

On a personal note I will be sooooo glad when Miley Cyrus fades away and is never heard from again.

There is no kinder way to say this and still make this point – She is just another Entertainment Industry

SLUT with mediocre talent trying to use politics to hang on to what fans she has left.


From “The Chicks on the Right”

Written by Red Dawn

Miley Cyrus Is Encouraging Her Followers To Go After Sen. Tom Cotton Now FYI

Written by  Red Dawn

Miley Cyrus Is Encouraging Her Followers To Go After Sen. Tom Cotton Now FYI

I really wish celebrities would stay out of politics. I mean for real. Just because you swing around nude in your music videos and sing with a nasally voice doesn’t mean you know a crap about what’s going on.

But I repeat myself. Cyrus already graced us with her completely irrelevant opinion of Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. But now, she’s stepping it up a notch. She’s encouraging her followers to go after Sen. Tom Cotton because he suggested that some members of the gay community are being completely unreasonable and need to gain some perspective.


I guess “freedom” doesn’t include religious freedom. And give me a break. Cotton’s point is totally valid.

The gay community– and by that I mean the jerks who issued death threats to the owners of Memories Pizza (which as been forced to close) for doing nothing more than answering a hypothetical question about catering a gay wedding (and who, by the way caters a wedding with pizza? Just wondering)– needs to realize that the law had nothing to do with discrimination. They seriously act like this is Iran. Like we’re mandating some rule that you can’t be gay or else OMG. And that’s not the case at all.

(And obviously, the entire gay community isn’t reacting like that. Did you read the email from one of our clever and competent readers/listeners? It’s gold, and the LGBT community could learn a lot from Doug.)

Cotton’s point was simple. Why in the world are we focusing all our time and energy on something that wasn’t a big deal in the first place? And what are we still putting all our time and energy into it?

We really do have more pressing things to worry about. But I’m sure Obama’s loving this. After all, it’s really taking attention off nuclear talks with Iran.

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