I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Fox News – GOP Debate

I was totally bummed out by the debates,  specially the way FOX news handled it.   Bottom line is that FOX News is no longer my number one news source because that didn’t just moderate the debate they made a huge attempt to influence it and to crush one of the candidates, while propping up another one. 

The whole format of the debate was wrong also.   In a true debate a question is asked and each candidate responds to it and then the listener gets to choose which one answered it best according to his or her own values. 

Looking at the minutes each candidate got it was not even close to being fair.  Two candidates got twice as many minutes as other ones.  FOX news can drop their motto now as it no longer applies – fair and balanced it is NOT.

Now excuse me I have to go and try to find another news source. . . .


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