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The Show Stunk

Demeaning, disrespectful and stupid.  That was the farce played out on Fox last night, the so-called “debate”, where no debating occurred.

For the first six minutes, the viewers saw only Baier and Kelly.  Why?  Are they running for the office of president?  Why do we see them at all?  There is absolutely no need to see them.  We need only hear their voices as they ask the questions, insulating viewers from their expressions.  But, it was all about them.

When after six minutes they finally brought out the candidates, Kelly yells out cheerily “C’mon out guys!”  Then they filed out like contestants on Family Feud.  True, most of them weren’t worth any more notice than that, just empty suits.  But Trump, Cruz, Carson, Walker, Huckabee and Kasich had actually accomplished some things in their lives other than government employment.

“C’mon out guys”?  They should have opened the show with the contestants at their podiums.  The intro was insulting.  Worse was to follow.

The first question was reserved for Donald Trump.  True, it was posed to all of them, but it was clearly meant for Trump.  Baier asked for a show of hands if there was anyone among the contestants who would not endorse the eventual GOP nominee and would instead run as an independent.  Trump raised his hand.  Of course, Baier and probably most of the audience knew that Trump had stated his intention to run as an independent if he was ill-treated by the GOP.

Trump’s answer threw Baier into a snit.  Baier retorted with his own, no doubt rehearsed, loud editorial, repeating Trump’s answer and telling the viewers that such an action would result in a Democrat victory.  His face looked mean.  He had rehearsed the look, for your benefit.

His statement was a blatant lie.  Prior to the election, Baier cannot know the outcome of Trump – or anyone else – running as an independent.  If Baier knows that, then Baier knows who the next president will be.  If Baier knows who the next president will be then, it’s all rigged.  The election’s a scam.  However, that’s even beside the point.  We were not there to hear Baier, but to hear the candidates.  We don’t care what Baier thinks.  He’s just an actor.

When Rand Paul suddenly launched into Trump like a hysterical Schnauzer, I had to change the channel.  I was done.  I guess my wife is made of stronger stuff because she stuck it out, telling me that Kelly went on to ask Trump why he was mean to women.  So now we have a new presidential issue, “meanness to women”.  Right.  Would she have asked that of Bill Clinton or JFK?  But Donald Trump?

I understand that the remainder was dedicated to all the stuff that either belongs in the states or on foreign policy – none of which are the things which most affect Americans on a daily basis.  Most Americans are concerned with economics and their personal security as well as their freedom to act in their own self-interest.  Thus, there was little discussion of taxation, bureaucratic overreach, repeal of Obamacare, government spending, or any of the associated details which matter to us all every day.  Time watching a Three Stooges episode would have been better spent.

What was crystal clear was that the mission of Baier and Kelly was to take out Donald Trump.  Of course, they’re all in for Bush and other Establishment figures which I knew from the start.  I wondered if they had been coached by the CIA, which maintains ties with all the major networks and news outlets (Read here if you want more on this: http://carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php   What’s the CIA doing in domestic affairs? )  Whatever the situation, the show was truly bad – at least as much as I could stomach without getting sick.  I won’t be watching any of the others and I doubt that anyone learned anything worth learning, except how pathetic the Republican National Committee is for setting up such a bad and insulting show while targeting an individual for elimination.  If I was Donald Trump, I would be announcing my Independent candidacy today.

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