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RNC pulls out of NBC debate

Laura Ingraham’s Website,  October 30, 2015

The Republican National Committee has pulled out of a planned Feb. 26 debate with NBC News after widespread criticism of this week’s CNBC debate from both the party and campaigns.

But some say the RNC’s action may be too late to satisfy candidates who were upset with the questions asked by CNBC moderators on Wednesday night.

“We are suspending the partnership with NBC News for the Republican primary debate at the University of Houston on February 26, 2016,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a letter to NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack.

Colleges Offer Sensitivity Consultants for Halloween Costumes Is your costume politically correct?

10.30.2015 News  Sarah Fisher

ollege campuses are alerting the student body that they can call and consult with advisors as to whether their Halloween costume is politically correct.

“Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” asks a poster that’s been hung around campus at State University of New York at Geneseo. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

The poster provides five different phone numbers and email addresses to which students can refer if they are concerned about their costume.

Wesleyan University is also offering its students the opportunity to make sure their Halloween garb is appropriately inoffensive.

Kat Timpf at National Review writes,

It’s not clear whether students will be able to reach these numbers round-the-clock through Halloween weekend. Hopefully they will. After all, Halloween is a very serious issue, and can not be treated as if it were just some fun little holiday that’s a chance for people to use their imaginations and have some fun without taking each other too seriously.

What if you want to dress up as a politically correct Halloween costume consultant for Halloween?

The politically correct college costume consultant story was originally reported at College Fix

Wake Up America: Democrats at War with We The People

Posted by Lloyd Marcus on October 27, 2015 at 7:53am

Please forgive me for sounding like a doting dad, but I was blessed to watch my adult daughter play in the softball world series.  I beamed with pride as the outfielders backed up when she came to bat.  However, what I am about to report will further entrench me as a traitor in the minds of other blacks in my family.

My wife Mary alerted me to the latest horrific incidents of the Knockout Game that were ignored by the mainstream media.  In New Jersey, a black thug knocked out an unsuspecting,defenseless white woman.  In Baltimore, 50 black teens almost beat a 61-year-old white man to death.  My former employer WJZ-TV Baltimore refused to mention in their coverage that the attackers were black.  And yet, race is the first thing out of reporters’ mouths in those rare incidences in which whites assault blacks. Stats show that blacks assault whites far more than vice versa.

I am the first to say all people are solely responsible for their behavior.  However, I see these black assaults on whites as the fist of the Democratic Party punching out innocent whites – the hand of the Democratic Party pulling the trigger assassinating police officers across America.

Democrats with MSM assistance have successfully convinced many black youths to believe that white America is a collection of racist murderers and responsible for all of black America’s woes.  This Democrat-media insidious lie has caused black youths to feel morally justified in punishing their white nemesis.

Few people realize that the Democratic Party is at war with America.  Yes, I am unequivocally saying everything the Democratic Party does is an attack on traditional morals and values.  The party leadership is repulsed by our God-given freedom and rights written in the Constitution.  Due to his radical education and perverted view of morality, President Obama believes that the world has too little because America has too much.  He is using his presidency to dethrone America as the world power.

From the Oval Office to numerous corrupted liberalism-infected government agencies, Democrats arrogantly bully and govern with an iron fist against the will of a majority of Americans.  In essence, the Obama regime gives the American people the finger daily.

From their perch of superiority, Democrats and liberal celebrity elitists believe that only they should be permitted to bear arms, rather than us hayseed commoners.  These elitists live in massive mansions, drive gas-guzzlers, and use colossal amounts of fuel flying their private planes.  Meanwhile, they lobby to force us peons to drive tiny tin cans, use public transportation, and “lower our carbon footprint” to “save the planet.”

Here are just a few examples of the Dems’ hidden war against Americans.

The nationwide epidemic of blacks attacking innocent whites is due to a clarion call to attack by Democrat-inspired and supported Black Lives Matter.  What is so frustrating and crazy is that the BLM movement was founded on the lie that white cops and white civilians routinely murder blacks.  Furthering this hate-generating lie, legitimizing and empowering the vile hate group, the Democratic National Committee has given BLM its blessing to host a presidential town hall – to discuss “racial justice.”  Give me a break.  Why not invite the KKK as well?

hen there is Kate’s Law, which was voted down in the Senate by 44 Democrats.  Thirty-two-year-old Kate Steinle, while enjoying a leisurely stroll with her dad on a San Francisco pier, was shot by an illegal who was convicted and deported numerous times.  And yet, he kept coming back to the U.S.

Kate’s Law is a mandatory five years in jail for felony illegals who keep coming back.  To protect our families, a majority of Americans want Kate’s Law.  Democrats said, Screw you, America.  We want to continue rolling out the welcome mat to illegals because we are working on giving them the right to vote.  With all the government handouts we offer, we are pretty confident the illegals will become loyal Democrat voters.  So screw Kate, her family, and you, America!

Another reason why Obama and the Democrats ignore federal law, encouraging the invasion of illegals, is because they believe that America has been too white for too long.  I have to endure a rant from my wife every time she has to “press one for English.”

Despite national protest rallies and massive intense opposition from the American people, President Obama officially signed his insane Iran nuke deal, giving the world’s largest sponsors of terrorism $150 billion.  Iranians boldly chant, “Death to America.”  Obama lied, claiming there are ballistic missile restrictions in his Iran nuke deal.  There are not.  And where will those missiles be pointed?  The answer is America.  Ponder that, folks.

By the way, a majority of American voters still oppose Obamacare.  Obamacare is another example of the Democrats saying, Screw you – we’re taking over your health care, deciding who lives or dies, whether you like it or not.

verage American Joe knows very little regarding what happened at our U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  In a nutshell, Ambassador Stevens begged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for more security, saying they were sitting ducks for al-Qaeda terrorists.  Stevens’s request was denied.  Nothing, including Stevens’s and his staff’s lives, would be allowed to contradict the Obama administration’s lie that al-Qaeda was no longer a threat.  Ambassador Stevens and other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack on our consulate.  Stevens’s body was abused and dragged through the street.

To protect the administration’s terrorism-is-not-a-problem lie, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Obama appeared on numerous TV shows insisting that the attack was a spontaneous protest sparked by an anti-Muslim video.  Emails revealed that Hillary knew that the attack had nothing to do with a video and that it was a planned al-Qaeda terrorist attack.

Displaying the self-serving callousness of a sociopath, Hillary looked Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, in the eye and promised to punish the producer of the video that caused the death of her son.

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It is extremely chilling that a major political party places its liberal agenda above the lives and best interest of Americans.  This is how their party rolls, folks: Democrats versus the People.

In softball, my daughter is a natural.  She hit a blast into the stadium lights, exploding them.  Okay, I am exaggerating a bit.  She did hit a ground-ball single that drove in the winning run.  That’s my girl!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

GOP Debates

Need to Know

October 16, 2015

CNBC agrees to Trump demand for two-hour debate

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Posted by Staff

CNBC has agreed to limit its forthcoming Republican primary debate to two hours and allow for opening and/or closing statements, acquiescing to the demands of Donald Trump and other GOP campaigns, CNN has confirmed.

The Republican National Committee began calling the campaigns on Friday morning to inform them that CNBC had agreed in principal to limit the debate to two hours, including commercials, and to allow for opening and/or closing statements, according to two sources with knowledge of the decision.

Kerry And UN Ambassador Power Snub Netanyahu, Skip UN Speech As Obama Proves He’s A “Big Man”

How thin-skinned and petty is Hussein Obama? Enough to remove both Secretary of State John Kerry and his clone, UN ambassador Samantha Power, from the auditorium when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was going to be speaking.

Netanyahu doesn’t like the fact that Obama is giving nuclear weapons to his country’s sworn enemy, one that has pledged to wipe them off the map. Obama probably expected that the subject matter might be more than a little critical of his Iran giveaway, more than would be to his liking and by pulling the top two diplomats he was able to snub the Israeli leader. Obama still hasn’t gotten over the audacity of Netanyahu addressing Congress without kissing his royal ring first.

Not that it made any difference, the Congressional opposition was all for show, with all of the necessary strategic elements necessary to get the “treaty” through Congress worked out well in advance. It’s not about the nukes or the security of the world; it’s about something much more important, Obama’s ego.

According to Breitbart News, Kerry and Power were summoned to a video conference with their Fuhrer just prior to the start of

Netanyahu’s speech on Thursday and were absent for the full duration.

An unnamed State Department official told them, “Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference.”

That same official minimized the importance of their absence, stating, “The United States was represented at the speech by Ambassador David Pressman, Alternate Representative of the United States to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs, Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro, and Ambassador Richard Erdman, Alternate Representative to the UN General Assembly.” While it’s probably true that it was of little consequence whether Kerry or Power were in attendance substantively, the symbolic gestures of disrespect are unmistakable and significant.

Having failed in his interfering effort to have Netanyahu defeated in Israel’s last election, delivering the most public of personal insultswas the least he could do. That is the childish behavior we expect from the narcissistic despot when his ego is bruised. At least he wasn’t lying on the floor kicking his feet, not where he could be seen, anyway.

Netanyahu’s speech can be seen in part here.

I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us & www.truthburgers.com.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian”

From “Brutally Honesty” blog.

We should all be livid that a debate about guns breaks out before the dead and injured quit bleeding, led by the President of the United States, while the elephant in the room is completely ignored:

The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college was forcing people to stand up and state their religion before he began blasting away at them, survivors said Thursday.

A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the


Authorities carry a shooting victim away from the scene… AP Photo

massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs. My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset.

The Twitter user then recalled how her grandmother attempted to save the life of one of her close classmates.

“She tried to perform CPR on her friend, but it was too late,” the woman said. “I hope nothing like this ever happens again.”

Kortney Moore, an 18-year-old student at Umpqua Community College who was also in the room, told Oregon’s News Review that the shooter was indeed on the hunt for Christians.

Moments after hearing a bullet come flying through a window, she said the 20-year-old shooter made his way inside and targeted their teacher, pumping a single round into their head.

As the young man ordered people to the ground, Moore laid patiently with her classmates and waited, according to the News Review.

Once they all got down, she said the gunman began asking people to rise and say what their religion was. After they stood and gave their answer, he started shooting.

God rest the souls of those martyred in His name.

And a pox on those attempting to score political points on this while being ignorantly oblivious as to what really went down.

Yes, a pox.

Crossposted at Wizbang.

Twitter Wisdom – Oct 2nd–School Shooting

This is something I have thought and said a lot over the years. . . .


= Opportunity Hater@NotOne2bPC 27m27 minutes ago

Maybe if you tried to solve WHY people kill instead of trying to ban what they used….

From Facebook – School Shooting

Peter Whitehouse

18 hrs ·

Another school shooting… more senseless death. When will we realize that this is so much more than a debate about guns. There is something very wrong with our society. We have consciously removed prayer from schools and God from the marketplace and we have taught humanism with no moral absolutes. And we are surprised? Do you think another law will change our hearts? How we need a spiritual awakening! How we need the Lord! Please pray for these grieving families. Please pray for America.

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