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Hillary As Karl Marx or a Joke by Groucho Marx

David Lawrence



Hillary is not Groucho Marx.  She has no sense of humor.  She is one of his jokes.  She is Karl Marx, a killer of free enterprise. Her ads in South Carolina say that capitalism is a rigged game. 

Like she couldn’t rig things from her political heights married to Bill and funneling money to her Clinton Foundation slush fund while

she was Secretary of State.

Like she and Bill didn’t make speeches for millions and abuse the middle class people by their own income inequality.

Hillary is an income eater. Politics is her fork.  Our money is her pork.

Hillary is a left winger but she doesn’t believe in Darwin. Survival of the fittest is anathema to her. She thinks everyone should earn equally.  As if excellence was forbidden.  As if a model shouldn’t be prettier than an average woman.  As if no athlete should make the major leagues, leaving poor athletes in the sand lots. As if Einstein shouldn’t be world famous for being smarter than the average idiot and the moderate genius.

Thanks to Obama there are more poor people than rich in America.  Hillary plans to get the support of these multitudinous people by lowering the standard of living of the rich.

In the fifties income equality in Russia left people standing on bread lines in the streets. The fair share principle ending up everyone getting a fair share of nothing.

Hillary has now tried to beat her socialistic hippy moron opponent Bernie Sanders by airing radio ads

in Iowa and South Carolina. If she is so against income inequality why doesn’t  she give away  her millions?  Is she so stupid that she thinks we are so stupid that we don’t notice her wealth?

Siddhartha was a rich man who gave away his riches and walked around in a loin cloth. I don’t see Hillary walking around broke in a loin cloth.  Thank God. That would be a horrible sight.

It’s funny that Hillary rails against the income of a top CEO when she has been one of the top politicians

In the country for years.  She has both riches and power. Her trying to be Karl Marx is a joke.

She is not Groucho Marx.  She is one of his glib jokes.  She is a pants suit trying to be a woman.


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