I am confused. . . but most of all I am a Christian Conservative.

Those Tolerant Liberals

A few more headlines of what those tolerant liberals are doing right now.

Jim Carrey calls Trump a cancer, Republicans ‘rapists’ while blasting Christian right in America 

Amber Tamblyn describes panic, considering giving her baby to Canada after 2016 presidential election

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” — an entertainment staple for a bevy of households around the holidays — was accused of being racist by many viewers on social media Wednesday night.

During Wednesday night’s airing of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” many young, tech-savvy people apparently watching the holiday classic for the very first time, said that it was racist because it’s only black character, Franklin, had a whole side of the Thanksgiving table all to himself.

2. ’A Woman’s Bible’: Feminists counter the ‘patriarchal’ translation of the Holy Bible

A group of feminists has collaborated to write “A Woman’s Bible,” — a feminist-friendly translation of the Holy Bible they say counters “patriarchal scripture that has entrenched a negative image of women.”

. ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ called ‘seriously problematic’ — guess why

The beloved Christmas movie, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” has been called out as “seriously problematic” for its displays of bullying, racism, homophobia — not to mention verbal abuse, sexism, bigotry, lack of acceptance, and even the exploitation of workers

‘Easier to Destroy Than Create’: Tucker, Rubin on Liberals Targeting ‘Rudolph’ as Bigoted

Liberals offended by the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Left-wing entertainer Bette Midler relishes Trump, family hanged by Mueller ‘G

OOLeft-wing entertainer Bette Midler relishes Trump, family hanged by Mueler ‘GOOD AND HIGH’

 easons why ‘A Christmas Story’ is actually a terrible Christmas moviePrincipal banned candy canes because “J” shape stands

For Jesus.

1. Christian cartoon ‘VeggieTales’ secretly teaches kids to hate non-whites, says ‘whiteness forum’

“VeggieTales” — a Christian cartoon featuring talking vegetables and hosted by a tomato and a cucumber — is racist, according to a college “whiteness forum” held Thursday at Cal State San Marcos. At the event, which was organized to take a “critical look at whiteness,” one project argued that “VeggieTales” is racist because all of the show’s villains are purportedly vegetables of color, which pushes the narrative of racial stereotypes against minorities.

Hannity: Mainstream Media Using Bush 41’s Death to Bash Trump Is ‘Sad, But Not Surprising’

Quote from a Michelle Malkin column:

This week’s partisan corpse abusers callously exploited the passing of George H.W. Bush, America’s 41st president, to get in their digs at the current commander in chief. Their vulgar level of incivility was inversely propositional to their sanctimonious calls for decency.



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