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Lou Dobbs – CIA Director Says Obama Wrong, Trump Right On Everything

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Rick Wells in 2016 Election, ISIS, Islamic, Lou Dobbs, Obama, Politics, Terrorists // 3 Comments

Lou Dobbs points to the lunacy that is ongoing in Washington DC, with the establishment structure going after Donald Trump for doing what just makes sense from a standpoint of survival and national interest.

He points out that the remarks of CIA Director John Brennan on the topic of terrorism, ISIS, al-Qaeda and the threats posed to Americans are in sharp contrast to those of the pretend ‘president.’ He makes the observation that Hussein Obama is acting as if there is no such thing as radical Islamist terrorism and that there is no sense of urgency coming from the White House.

Dobbs plays a clip of Brennan warning that ISIS is working to get their operatives into the west and that Obama is providing them with the means through which much of that exploitation will take place. In addition to accelerating the importation of unvetted “refugees” to historic levels and abandoning border enforcement, Dobbs points out a serious problem that exists with the visa waiver program. Of the 38 countries participating in the program, more than a third refuse to share information with us and of that one-third, three are included in the top ten terrorist nations.

Yet Obama’s complicity in bringing terrorism to the United States is ignored and the media and elites focus on Donald Trump. He says, “Attacking Trump in many instances simply because he is demanding that this country protect its citizens, strengthen our border security and end the visa waiver program and to place a temporary ban on immigration from countries with a history of terrorism against the United States.”

He points out that the only one that appears capable of recognizing and crafting an effective policy of action against America’s enemies is not the current occupant of the White House or his designated heir. It’s just Trump, they guy that the elite doesn’t want to come to power, the guy that threatens them and their exploitation of the American people as much as he does the terrorists.

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