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Today’s Generation–Relaxing

I feel that todays kids don’t know how to relax.  Unless they are bellied up to a bar in the local pub or holding one of their devices staring at the screen or just sitting on the couch watching Netflix  – they are not happy. 


They do not know how to truly relax.   The wife and I sometimes drive up to Schroon Lake and get a sub at the general store and a bottle of soda and we sit on the hill overlooking the public beach.   Just watching folks swimming and just plain having fun by the lake is so very relaxing.  Watching the lake, the boats the trees gently blowing in the breeze is just a pleasure.    Maybe just listening to people as they talk and laugh while just walking by or playing with Frisbee’s or just watching their kids is so very relaxing. 


For a generation of people who are so inactive because they stay inside and just stare at one or more of their devices constantly – they never let their mind go into neutral to relax for a while. 


Of course one of the things they don’t do because they are always using one or more devices is that they don’t actually talk to each other or maybe meeting new people.   They live in a very small self contained world and that is sad. 

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