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Cruz: This Is What Happens When You Have A President Who’s A ‘Laughingstock’

From Chicks On The Right website:

Red Dawn    January 17, 2016 05:04pm

I really couldn’t care less if the rest of the world hates America. I don’t care if they believe we’re God-fearing, gun totin’, Bible thumpin’, bacon eating, terrorist killing fools. We’re the last best hope on earth. America has embraced liberty like no other nation in the history of the world. We’re the most compassionate nation on earth, always extending a helping hand to those in need. So when I hear liberals complain that we’re just so globally unpopular, I couldn’t care less. But there’s one thing I have no tolerance for: Being the world’s laughingstock, which is exactly the reputation Obama has put forward. The next president is going to have to reestablish America’s position of strength.  They’ll have to remind the world that you DO NOT MESS with us.

I believe Ted Cruz is that man. Like most of us, he was positively disgusted over Secretary of State John Kerry praising the Iranians for essentially humiliating U.S. sailors.

“It encapsulates the weakness and the ineptitude of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy,” Cruz said on “Hannity” Friday night.

He’s right. It absolutely does. You think the Iranians would pull that crap if we had a Ronald Reagan in office right now? I don’t think so.

“When the American president is a laughingstock…it is not good for America. It is not good for the world,” Cruz said.

The next president doesn’t only have to deal with all of Obama’s god-awful policies. He (or she) must reestablish America’s position as a well-respected global leader.

I don’t care if the world hates us, but they sure as heck better respect us. (And yes Iran. I’m talking to you.)

Good News Is Coming

Justin Phillips:

There is good news coming.  For conservatives, we don’t get good news often enough. Someone conservatives cannot stand is about to take a big fall. In fact, it may be several people conservatives do not like who are going to take a fall.

In fact, for those involved in this upcoming disaster, there really is no way to win.

What is this upcoming disaster that conservatives will really enjoy seeing and how will it play out?

It will be the decline and fall of the Clintons.

After twenty years, justice will finally catch up with Hillary Clinton and quite probably Bill Clinton as well.

The FBI is currently working two separate investigations on the Clintons.  The first deals with Hillary’s home made email server.  The second is a public corruption investigation, linking donations made to the Clinton Foundation with favors dispensed by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

I’ve been watching these scandals unfold with great interest, not only as a political junkie, but also as a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.  The evidence that is in the public domain is overwhelming and you can be certain not all of the evidence has been released.

The case against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information is almost a no-brainer.  She will certainly hire some brilliant defense lawyers, but it is hard to see any defense she can come up with other than, “I am Hillary, therefore you must acquit.”

The public corruption scandal is even juicier.

Hillary Clinton might claim this is a Republican witch hunt at least as far as the emails are concerned, but there is no escaping the corruption scandal.  Any sympathy Hillary (and possibly Bill) might hope to get from a Washington area jury would be nullified with the stories of their corruption.

The Washington Examiner has a great story about nine specific instances of corruption.  If it has not already been done, the FBI will be talking to those executives and they have a simple choice.  Where do they want to appear on the indictment? Do they want to be a witness or a codefendant? Do they want to take an easy plea and get the benefit of cooperation or do they want to do hard time like the Clintons will do?

This scandal will land in the lap of Barack Obama. Ultimately he and Attorney General Loretta Lynch will have to decide whether or not to prosecute and that decision will have to be made in the next 60 days.

If they prosecute, Clinton is finished and heading to jail. If they don’t, this will become a scandal even the left wing media cannot ignore.  Clinton will still be finished.  And this scandal will destroy the Obama Regime.

This scandal, no matter how you slice it, will have legs.  If Hillary Clinton is not going to be the Democratic nominee, then who will it be?  Bernie Sanders?  No, the party establishment will make sure he is never the nominee.  Elizabeth Warren might ride to the rescue but she may be bright enough to realize 2016 will be toxic for any Democrat.

2016 should be a good year for the GOP, assuming they don’t screw it up. The stars rarely align this well for them.

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