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Today’s Thoughts – Aug 17, 2015

Life is getting more confusing every day.  Politics is destroying our nation and our churches.  Many denominations are feeling the need or pressured into changing their values to match society’s values;   it should be the other way around where churches try to change society for the better. 

One of the main problems in changing your values because of the vocal activists is that they are never satisfied and once they have won one concession they are ready to take another step and then another one and so on. 

Life will never be just or fair to everyone that just isn’t the way life works.  You cannot take all of the hurt or pain out of life.   Faith in Jesus / God will help you to overcome the pain or hurt but it is always going to be there. 

Right now I am “un-churched”.  I don’t know where I will ultimately end up.  I should not try to find a new church / denomination that fits “all” of my beliefs or inner thoughts;  like a politician it would be wrong to believe every thing they say. 

What should I look for in a new church?   If a church feels friendly and welcoming that is a great first step.  Do they invite you to other functions?   Does the preaching seem to be inspiring?  Does the church seem to be alive and are there any outreach ministries, how about children . . . are there any;  no children or few seems to be a sign of a dying church.   Are there any men’s/women’s groups or bible studies during the week?

I don’t know . . . life is just too confusing right now.

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