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Facebook Wisdom from Pastor Duke

Duke Hergatt

Yesterday at 7:18am · Halfmoon, NY ·

Reading the fall if Jerusalem under Nebuchadnezzar where the siege began in 605 BC and the final fall in 586 BC when the Temple came down along with the walls of the city. All the glory was gone. The warnings from all the prophets unheeded. But their Holy God kept the promise of judgement when He preferred the promises of blessing for obedience.
I think of the glory of our country is mostly gone now. The siege began a good while ago. And saddest of all it’s our own corruption from within that is destroying us. Our people are divided. Our media fans the flame of division. We have over spent, over taxed, over sexed and over indulged. As God rose up evil enemies to pressure His people to repentance so we have evil enemies all around now called radical Islamic terrorist. Our fall is looming and the New World order is in place and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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