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America’s spoiled brats

Posted by Judson Phillips on November 8, 2015 at 8:00am in Tea Party Nation Forum

In the past, America could look to the future.  The older generation of Americans would do their best to help their children and grandchildren have a better life than they did.  They also knew that America would be left in good hands for future generations. 

Sadly, this is no longer true.

One incident recently is just one example of how the generation coming up is totally lost and America may be lost with it.

What happened?

This year, many college campuses posted warnings telling students not to wear constumes that could be considered offensive.  Like communists everywhere, school bureaucrats want to take all the fun out of life.

At Yale, things got worse. The special snowflakes that make up the student body at Yale are demanding two college professors be fired.  What was their horrible crime?  They did not speak up against “offensive” Halloween costumes.

That’s right, they did not speak out against them.  They did not encourage those costumes.  They just didn’t immediately mouth the politically correct party line. Now the privileged little brats at Yale don’t even want to bother with a Stalinist show trial.  They just want to drag the two out and give them the academic equivalent of the firing squad.

The administration at Yale immediately went into the fetal position and apologized before even knowing what they were apologizing for.  Then a video went viral.  A group of students at Yale cornered one of he offending professors and one student in particular began screaming at him.

The real crime this student accused the professor and a school administrator is, creating an “unsafe” space.  That’s right, the students have the right to a “safe space.”

Safe space is liberal speak for not forcing a student to see anything that they might disagree with or might offend them.

Oh the horror!

One would probably ask what these little children are going to do when they reach the real world but the answer is they probably never will.   The obvious question is, what are they going to do when they are in business and their Chinese competitor is creating an “unsafe space” that is going to bankrupt the American company they work for?

But these children aren’t going to have to worry about that. Ten years from now, they will still be working part-time as coffee baristas, wondering why their Women’s studies degrees is unemployable and crying because they cannot pay back their student loans. 

This story is simply a microcosm of what is happening in American academia.  It is funny to watch left wing professors being eaten by their own left wing progeny. But the truth is these little babies are throwing temper tantrums so that they can avoid being confronted by positions they disagree with.  Why the hell should they think when they can just exclude contrary positions?

Unfortunately, this thinking is not limited to Yale.  It is prevalent through out academia. 

The children who are screaming today that they must have “safe spaces” are the same children who fifteen to twenty years from now will be moving into positions of political leadership.  After all, if they can’t make it in the real world, what other job is left for them but politics?

This generation that is coming up does not believe in the right to think, the right to believe and the right to speak and act on someone’s beliefs if those thoughts and beliefs are in disagreement with the left wing’s political orthodoxy.

That is a dangerous trend for America.  The right to think for yourself and the right to offer you opinions, even if spoiled little Ivy League children don’t like it, is a fundamental part of liberty.  Without it liberty fails.

But then again, these children only believe in liberty for themselves.  That is dangerous for the future of America.

The Rise of the Special Snowflake

By Judson Phillips at judsonphillips.com

The rise of the special snowflake

November 12, 2015 — 1 Comment

The special snowflakes are among us.  They are the new millennial generation that is in college or graduated in the last few years.  Why are they so special?

Unlike most real Americans, they have to be coddled.  Before they are confronted with anything, they need “trigger warnings.” If the trigger is too great, they must have “safe spaces” where they are not confronted with any idea they don’t like.  The fear “microagressions” and embrace the tyranny of collectivism.

It is time something is done about the circumstances that create these “special snowflakes.”  What can be done about the insanity

currently reigning on college campuses?

A revolution is required and it starts at the state level.  States have tremendous control over state universities.  It starts with the legislature.  Voters need to go to their state legislators and demand they change the way colleges operate.

Colleges and universities do not operate in the free market. They rely on endowments, tuition and state subsidies.  It is time for the legislatures to cut off funds until Universities start making changes.

Too many universities have faculty members who teach freak show classes for freak show degrees.  These degrees are totally useless in the real world.  Why do universities even offer classes such as “Feminist critique of 50 shades of grey.”   State supported Universities should be forced into a market based model.  Departments that do not generate enough revenue through tuition should be closed.

Professors should be required to offer classes that generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the professor’s salary plus the additional costs of the buildings and support staff.  A class on “Homoerotic literature” is not going to do that.  Intro to Business or Engineering principles will have no problem meeting their funding requirements.

The other reform that needs to be made is at the federal level.  Guaranteed student loans need to be abolished.  They are the ultimate in crony capitalism.  Banks are guaranteed either the loans are paid back or the government covers the loss.

Even without the guarantee, banks would still offer student loans. But they would offer loans, provided the students showed a plan to repay the loans.  It would eliminate the phenomena of students graduating with debt of $100,000 and a useless degree in feminist studies.

Cutting off the guaranteed student loans would eliminate the endless funding of left wing universities and the practice of universities hiring far left wing hacks, like the University of Missouri’s infamous Melissa Click, for jobs that simply give them a subsidy for activism.

America’s universities are no longer centers for higher education.  They are factories that produce indoctrinated, whining, entitled brats.  Professorships are now little more than sinecures for leftwing activists.

Real Americans are tired of the spectacles such as happened this past week at the University of Missouri.  Even more than being tired of the embarrassing excesses, Americans are tired of paying the bills for these leftwing clowns.

It is time to demand change now.

Colleges Offer Sensitivity Consultants for Halloween Costumes Is your costume politically correct?

10.30.2015 News  Sarah Fisher

ollege campuses are alerting the student body that they can call and consult with advisors as to whether their Halloween costume is politically correct.

“Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” asks a poster that’s been hung around campus at State University of New York at Geneseo. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

The poster provides five different phone numbers and email addresses to which students can refer if they are concerned about their costume.

Wesleyan University is also offering its students the opportunity to make sure their Halloween garb is appropriately inoffensive.

Kat Timpf at National Review writes,

It’s not clear whether students will be able to reach these numbers round-the-clock through Halloween weekend. Hopefully they will. After all, Halloween is a very serious issue, and can not be treated as if it were just some fun little holiday that’s a chance for people to use their imaginations and have some fun without taking each other too seriously.

What if you want to dress up as a politically correct Halloween costume consultant for Halloween?

The politically correct college costume consultant story was originally reported at College Fix

Fox News – So Disappointing

This has certainly been an eye opening year.  The GOP debates showed me that Fox news is certainly not “Fair and Balanced” and I have started to pay attention once again to the other news sources.  Now today I see where a Fox news guy called Christians “Haters” – sorry guys but I can’t tolerate this anymore and am looking for an alternative news source. 

Besides “Political Correctness” the thing that is really killing our country is the news media.   What happened to those days when the news media “reported” the news instead of making it?  It seems that the people working for the various news sources are trying to make a name for themselves instead of reporting the news.   I stopped listening to talk radio many many many years ago when I realized that the host was sitting there preaching at me for 3 or so hours instead of taking callers and discussing the topic with them. 



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