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I Just Don’t Get It

The very people and groups who call everyone racists and sees racial overtones in literally everyone and everything are the very ones who when they first see a person see first the  color, race, religion, clothes and so forth first and do not see the person first.   And they also think that a black person, Asian or gay person are so weak and inept that they can’t think or fend for themselves.  And who appointed these asinine liberals to speak for all groups in the world;  did anyone ask these folks if they need or want these people  to think for them.

I have seen obsessive animal lovers who say they won’t eat meat because it means an animal has to die and it is cruel.  But I have noticed over time that these same people always without fail will make sure the dog or cat food they buy for their animals have “meat” in it.  I don’t get it,  is that meat in the animal foods not really meat – I don’t think so,  I’ve read the label.

I don’t get it when I hear liberals rail against capital punishment as being cruel and inhumane but these same folks are all pro abortion.   So somehow killing and mutilating babies is somehow ok?  Of course the other side is a bit inconsistent also as Pro Life usually means Pro Capital Punishment;   I am in this group I am afraid as if killers are put to death then they will not be hurting other people in the future.

On the lighter side when going to the grocery store to pick up toilet paper I find that it is not called toilet paper,  it is called bath tissue.  Now who among us has ever bathed with and dried off with “bath tissue”?   It is toilet paper folks – always was and always will be.

From Facebook–Pastor Duke

Duke Hergatt

When God set up a Government provision was made for the poor. Corners of the fields were left unharvested. It was free for the taking but the poor needed to do their own harvest and food preservation. It was workfare and not welfare. Their was no government redistribution if wealth. There were no tax dollars paying salaries of bureaucrats. Their poverty was situational due to life’s unexpected difficulties. There was no generational poverty. Their poverty was temporary and not permanent. Alms were freely given to the few who were physically unable to harvest. It worked well for thousands of years. But I guess we’ve found a better way now huh! When government becomes your god..this is what you get.

How to keep kids from leaving the church

This is my post from a group I belong to for the Waterford Weslyan Church.

Sorry for being first to post again and I promise I will edit out a lot of the notes I have been making but here goes. . .
How do we keep kids from falling away from the church? I’ve been making a lot of notes on this since I saw the video and the more I think about it the more complex the answer tends to be. This is just so complicated that I don’t think there is a one size fits all answer to this. I can only give a few examples of my childhood that I believe helped me over the years.
I was fortunate that both my Mom and Dad were active in our church and watching how they lived and treated people was certainly a big plus for me. I do think it is important that kids are exposed to church activities as much as possible; I remember going to our churches monthly covered dish or spaghetti suppers where we were around Christians of all shapes and sizes. I helped my dad most Saturdays take care of the church lawn and gardens; a simple thing but it teaches you how to serve the church and God.
When I was being shipped to Utapao Thailand in 1967 one of my moms relatives (Rev Thomas P. Dean) presented me with a small pocket New Testament and while I may not have always read it – I carried it with me wherever I went and still have it to this day and I take it out and thumb through it. It is little things like this that plant these tiny seeds somewhere in the back of your mind that help our faith journey.
Sometimes just being around the right mix of people makes a big difference. I remember when a group of men were talking after church and Manual Beito said to my dad “Henry, I’m a Cuban and you’re a Cracker and we are going to be friends”. That was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.
These are just some miscellaneous thoughts. I hope I haven’t bored everyone.

A Christmas Thought

Every year at this time as I kept hearing more stories of Christmas and the manger scene got kicked off of town and school properties that sentiment kept growing and going further and further and I would get all mad and grumpy.    How can this happen right here in our country?    Then one day I heard a talk by a Christian speaker and in that talk he mentioned that we kind of did this to our selves for instance while we are talking about and complaining about not having a manger scene on the towns property how many of us have a manger scene on our own property.   Well as I looked at our decorations I saw Frosty the snowman, Mickey and Minnie and Santa but there was no manger scene;  all of our decorations were pretty but there was “no” “Christ” in our Christmas decorations.   I have since corrected this and we now have Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus lit up in our front yard. 

There are two other homes on our street which have the manger scene on display.  As we Christians start finding their voice again in this country perhaps next year there will be more. 

From Pastor Duke Hergatt on Facebook

Love this message.  He has been running a series based on Ministry Memory and they are great.    Anyway:

Duke Hergatt

3 hrs · Waterford, NY ·

Ministry memory: one Saturday in fall of 73 I visited all my bus kids and no one showed up to visit the other route. I skipped lunch and went ahead and visited all those kids. At the last house the child’s mother was crying while on the phone. Her sister was suicidal on the other end. The mom begged me to go visit here NOW. it was getting late but of course I went. The young woman was hysterical with a loaded gun on the table. It was crazy. All I knew was to give my testimony and tell her there’s a whole new life in Christ. She got saved and sent the gun back to her sister. I had to preach that night at a campfire for our young peoples group at Jack and Marilyn Carr’s farm. I had no time to study or to eat. I remember eating six hot dogs before I preached “I have bread to eat that you know not of. “. That was my day.. I got a bite of that gospel bread that day and knew..this is my life. Chris Jackson got saved that night along with one more. I got one last bite of that Jesus bread and have been addicted ever since. What a wild journey it’s been.


Duke Hergatt

Yesterday at 8:05am · Waterford, NY ·

Ministry memory: soon after I was saved I saw the set of encyclopedias sitting in my closet that I had stollen from the school one

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by one. I felt compelled to return them to the school in repentance. It went viral. The next month I felt compelled to visit my old principle and apologize for all the grief I had caused him in my BC days. As I began telling him my story he stopped me in my tracks. I thought he was throwing me out of his office. But he said “No.. I want the whole school to hear your story”. The next week I preached my first sermon to the Lucas public school 7th-12th grade faculty and all. The schools first drug dealer had become the first preacher. The fire God put in my heart all those years ago continues to burn hot. Many of those students through the years have come to Christ. What a great open door that was. Thank you Mr Wine..RIP.


From Facebook – School Shooting

Peter Whitehouse

18 hrs ·

Another school shooting… more senseless death. When will we realize that this is so much more than a debate about guns. There is something very wrong with our society. We have consciously removed prayer from schools and God from the marketplace and we have taught humanism with no moral absolutes. And we are surprised? Do you think another law will change our hearts? How we need a spiritual awakening! How we need the Lord! Please pray for these grieving families. Please pray for America.

Church Memory – St John Presbyterian in Tampa

One day after church a small group of men were standing outside talking.   Manuel Beiro said to my dad “Henry, you are a cracker and I am a Cuban, and we’re going to be friends”.   And they were great friends in their church life and in their personal lives.  Today’s church lacks that friendliness, that willingness to reach out to everyone, anyone.    Today we just want to get out of the church and get home perhaps to watch football or some such thing.  Manual and my father and lets not forget Mike Cassanueva were great friends through the years and the world could sure use more men like that.  I miss all of them.

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