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Liberalism as mental illness

Liberalism as mental illness

We know liberals are nuts.  In fact calling them just plain crazy is an understatement.  Every now and then a liberal comes out with something so crazy and stupid that you just have to sit there and shake your head in amazement.

There is one liberal who may have made it into the liberal mental illness hall of fame.  Who is it and what did they do?

There is a liberal named Daphne Tremayne and she runs a website called Greentremayne.com.    Surely she is an Al Gore devote or maybe she has just learned from his carbon credits scam because guess what she is selling? 

But she wants to tell us all how to live. 

Her first suggestion:  do not have children.

That is probably really good advice for her as we definitely have too many stupid people in the world today.   But she takes it further.  She says:

If You Must Have Children, Buy Baby Credits

     Baby Credits are similar to regular Carbon Credits, however, instead of being backed by non-productive parcels of land, Baby Credits are backed by non-productive women of child-bearing age.  We at GreenTremayne have contracted to purchase Fair Trade Baby Credits from tuberculosis sanatoriums in Africa, where quarantining has resulted in the segregation of male and female patients.  With every Baby Credit you purchase, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your money goes to support non-productive women in the developing world.  And because poverty is rampant in Africa, Baby Credits can be purchased at bargain prices.  Baby Credits make great shower gifts.  See our products page for more information about ordering Baby Credits!

What a scam!  This is certainly the validation of PT Barnum’s truism that there is a sucker born every minute and a fool and his money are soon parted.  Al Gore has made a fortune scamming people on this carbon credit nonsense.  This is much like the Middle Ages scam of selling indulgences. 

But for Daphne Tremayne, the scamming goes straight into crazy with this next advice.

Euthanize Your Old Pet

     Pets have become a common feature in most homes and are an attribute of the modern, Western lifestyle.  We all love our dogs and cats, but really, when you think about it, pets are a major producer of excess carbon.  One of the best ways to reasonably enjoy your pet and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint is to determine in advance how long your pet should live.  As a family, set a date when your pet will be euthanized.  One great way to teach children the value of pet euthanasia is to turn the occasion into a family celebration.  Let’s say you’ve set March 10, five years from now, as your pet’s euthanasia date.   For the next five years, celebrate March 10 as your pet’s special day, with a family party and perhaps a visit to your pet’s future burial spot.  Teach your children to think of the occasion as a birthday in reverse.  A predetermined euthanasia date will encourage your family to love and care for your furry friend while it’s still young and playful.  What’s more, pre-planing for pet termination not only works towards reducing your family’s Carbon Footprint, but guarantees long term reduction in veterinary expenses.

Is she insane?

Yes, I want to traumatize my kids by letting them know two years from now we are going to murder their beloved pet.  That makes so much sense.  Yes, Daphne, please do not breed.  You are too stupid to be a parent.  In fact, you probably should not make any decision any more important than deciding whether you should flush the toilet, though I doubt she does that by worrying she’ll use too much water. 

The scary thought with the liberal nut jobs is where things go if you take their insane ideas to their logical conclusion.

Old people create a larger “carbon footprint.”  Liberals love to get rid of old people.    Look at Obamacare.  If you are a senior citizen, you can forget about life saving medical care.  All you get is comfort care under socialist healthcare.   Not only does socialist healthcare cause suffering and death, it allows socialists to reduce our carbon footprint.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to conclude that eventually, these nutjobs will use the same argument for scheduling senior citizens to be euthanized at a certain age.  But don’t get too upset, because every year for the rest of your pre-determined life, they’ll throw you a party to remind you that in just a few short years, they’ll terminate your time on this planet.

I have a suggestion for all of these liberals who are so obsessed with reducing carbon footprints.  Let’s start with them.

For people like Daphne Tremayne, if you are serious about reducing your carbon footprint, why don’t you move to a village in the Amazon River area?  You can be childless and petless there.  You can live without electricity or any of the modern conveniences that you think cause all of the world’s problems.

Of course, liberals like Daphne Tremayne are not going to do that.   They will not give up their designer clothes or their nice homes or their computers, TV’s, Iphones, IPads and other modern toys.

They simply want everyone else to suffer.  Liberals love to claim how fair they are.  Yet everywhere liberals are, they want to do the same thing.  They want others to suffer while they are the elite class. 

Liberals are not only nuts they are hypocrites.  If you doubt, just look at them, what they say and more importantly what they believe. 

Then be very afraid.

Obama has no shame. . . .

The creepy factor just went through the roof

No, this blog post is not about convicted pedophile and child rapist Jerry Sandusky, who will thankfully rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life. 

Yesterday, an even creepier occurrence happened.   While some people simply mocked what they saw, and with good reason, thinking about it is more than enough to really peg the creepy meter.

What was it?

It was the suggestion from the Obama campaign that people who are getting married, having birthdays or almost any other major event, tell their loved ones to send contributions to his reelection campaign in lieu of a gift.

That’s right, the Obama reelection team has put together an Obama event page where people can register and get their family and friends to send contributions to his campaign instead of purchasing wedding gifts for newlywed couples and newborn babies.

What kind of narcissistic nut tells people to tell their wedding guests to give the money they would spend on them, on him instead?

What is next?  Preprinted text for funeral announcements that says, “In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to the Obama ego fund?  Oops, I mean the Obama reelection fund.”

Will this work, despite the derision that has followed it online?

Who knows?

What does it say about someone who thinks that asking people to forego the gifts from major milestones in their life, just for him?

Somehow the words “Dear Leader” come to mind.

We conservatives joke about Obama being a narcissist, but really.  Would George Bush have asked for something like that?  How about Bill Clinton?  Or Ronald Reagan?

Jokes aside, those under thirty should be really offended by Obama’s narcissism.  Wedding gifts are mostly given for those who are under 30 who are getting married for the first time.   These are the people who have been hit the hardest by the Great Obama Depression.  One half of college graduates do not have jobs.  Compare that to 2006, when 90% of college graduates had jobs. 

Many young people are not going to be able to start their lives together because they simply cannot afford it.  They are still living with their parents because thanks to the Great Obama Depression, they cannot find jobs.

Thanks to Obama’s Party of Treason and the policies they perused, many of these young people, even if they have jobs cannot go after the American dream of home ownership for years, perhaps not ever. 

Does Obama really expect people to give their wedding gifts to him?

For what purpose?  So he can be reelected and have more expensive vacations?  Should a newlywed give up their wedding presents so Obama can play another round of golf?  Should someone forego their anniversary presents so Obama can blame Bush for his failures again?

Why don’t we start a new registry for Obama?  That is the moving back to Chicago registry.  Contribute to helping Obama move back to Chicago in January. 

That registry can be found at MittRomney.com.

Michelle Obama–on the road again . . .

Leaving on a jet plane

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on June 23, 2012 at 2:48pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

    Warm up the plane.  Someone is traveling again.  Despite all of the left’s whining about global warming, fossil fuels and the treatment afforded the so-called 1%, there is not a word from the left about this.

    Who is getting on the plane, where are they going and why is it an outrage?

    Michelle Obama is heading to London for the Olympics.  You remember her don’t you?  She was never proud of her country until she had a luxury Air Force jet at her disposal to fly her around the world at taxpayer expense.

    While Americans have suffered under the Great Obama Depression, she has taken luxury vacations.  Who can forget her trip to the six start Spanish resort in 2009?  That one cost millions, including the tab for her security detail.   That trip is now costing even more money because the Obama Regime will not release cost details about the trip to Judicial Watch.  Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request, which the Regime simply ignored. 

    Now they are having to defend the law suit that Judicial Watch filed. 

    In 2010, Michelle Obama, her daughters and mother, along with some other friends took the taxpayers for a ride when they flew to Africa for a luxury safari.  At the last minute, a few official events were thrown in to make the trip seem a little more than an all expense paid vacation.

    A lot of Americans would like to go to the Olympics in London but unfortunately most Americans’ net worth has dropped 40% during her husband’s term. 

    The Regime has gotten a little smarter on this issue.  Michelle Obama is going to be leading an American delegation to the Olympic games.

    Excuse me?

    Can we say this is a very thinly veiled excuse for another all expense paid vacation for Queen Michelle, paid for by hard working Americans?

    America does have a delegation to the Olympic Games.  It is called the America Olympic Team. 

    So Michelle Obama is going to go to Britain for the Olympics.  She is going to stay in a magnificent hotel somewhere.  Neither she nor her multi-millionaire husband will have to pay a dime for their trip.    She will wander around the Olympic venues pulling the media away from the American Olympians who have trained their entire lives for this moment and who deserve the attention of the media.

    Perhaps while she is there, she can ask the Olympians to put the medals they win on EBay and contribute the sales price to the Obama reelection campaign.

    While I am no fan of Mitt Romney, I will be glad to see the day when he is in the White House and Michelle Obama has to start paying for her own vacations.


Nancy Pelosi : botox Barbie strikes again.

Botox Barbie strikes again.

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy on Fox News last night called former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “mind numbingly stupid.”

He has a gift for understatement.

However, Botox Barbie has struck again, taking her intellect to an even lower level.  Which is more shocking?  What she said or the fact that she was at one time second in the line of succession to the Presidency?

This time, taking her stupidity to previously unknown depths, she said that Barack Obama should simply declare the debt ceiling to be unconstitutional and bypass Congress to eliminate the debt ceiling all together.

Is this a winning the future moment?

Actually this is a pretty alarming declaration on several fronts.

First, someone needs to inform Botox Barbie that it is the Supreme Court and not the narcissist in chief who is the arbiter of what is and is not constitutional. 

Pelosi is an idiot who wants to spend America into bankruptcy.  She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which should be a warning to anyone that she is not a candidate for Mensa membership. 

The really horrifying part of this is that Pelosi is essentially suggesting that Obama rule by decree.

There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes Obama or any President to change the debt ceiling.  The debt ceiling is a creation of Congress, which could in theory abolish it.  But that is up to Congress, not the narcissist in chief. 

The fact that Nancy Pelosi does not know the limits of the President’s power is unbelievable and the fact she would want to basically erase the constraints on a President’s power is beyond alarming.

If Barack Obama is reelected, what is to stop him from doing something like that?

If Barack Obama is reelected, I will go out on a limb and predict he will try to do just that.  If disaster strikes and the Party of Treason retains control of the Senate, we will be forced to rely on John Boehner to protect us against Obama’s burgeoning desire to be a dictator.

In other words, if that happens, we are really screwed. 

Both Obama and Pelosi believe the Constitution is simply some writing on an old piece of paper and it means nothing to them.

Obama has said himself he wishes he could act on his own without having to worry about Congress or the Supreme Court. 

Any man who wants that kind of power should never be allowed near the Oval Office.

For the survival of America, Barack Obama must be defeated in November. 

Obama and “The Question”

The question heard around the world.

Neil Munro’s question might be the question heard around the world.  The Daily Caller reporter dared to ask Obama a question last week.   Munro thought Obama’s remarks were over and he decided it was a good time to ask a question.

No one remembers what the question was so why is this a question heard around the world?

Obama is notorious for not taking questions.  When he sits down with the media, it is only friendly media.   Obama looked down his nose at Munro, lectured him on not interrupting the great Obama and told Munro to ask questions at the end of the speech.  Obama then left at the end of the speech, without taking questions. 

The Obama moment was stunning.    Obama’s arrogance was on full display.  But the response of the media was equally enlightening.   Sam Donaldson, who was infamous for his confrontations with Ronald Reagan, said the only reason conservatives oppose Obama is because he is black.

Fox’s resident liberals Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace went after not Barack Obama for not taking reporters’ questions but for Neil Munro for daring the ask questions. 

The railed against Neil Munro for daring to interrupt Obama, despite Munro’s explanation that he thought Obama was done speaking. 

The rest of the media circled the wagons too.

Every report about the question included some comment about the Daily Caller being a conservative website.   When was the last time someone called any of the drive by media groups a “left leaning group?”  MSNBC reporters are not even referred to as that even though MSNBC’s programming content should be considered an in kind contribution to the Obama reelection campaign.

Perhaps the media might get over its outrage and cover the news. The economy is in the tank and Obama just played his 100th round of gold since he became President.   He has held more fundraisers than the last five Presidents combined.  Do we see that on the evening news?

We the taxpayers are forced to pay for the Obama reelection effort as he adds one minimal “official” event to multiple fundraisers.  Yet do we hear a word about this from the drive by media?

No, all the media wants to talk about is a reporter who actually tried to do his job.  All the media wants to talk about is a reporter who wanted to ask a question and do more than simply accept Obama press releases as news.

The Obama media has decided that Neil Munro must be vilified for exposing the drive by media’s slobbering love affair with Obama.  

That is the result of his question, heard around the world.


Why is everyone so surprised that HBO would have a show with the head of George Bush on a stake?   This is the network that is the home for scumbags like Bill Maher – so it all kind of fits doesn’t it? 

HBO was dropped off of my families viewing list a long time ago.

Blue States Race to the Bottom

A race to the bottom

Folks in Red States should be grateful for the idiotic liberal politicians in Blue States.  After all, what is the greatest export Blue States have?  They are exporting their jobs, their wealth and their productive citizens.

These Blue States seem to be in a race to the bottom.  They keep trying to see which can be the first to totally implode financially and lose all of their jobs, productive citizens and businesses.   

One Blue State has just taken the lead.

Which one is it?

It is Rhode Island.

What has Rhode Island done?

It has now passed a “Homeless bill of rights.”

You have got to be kidding.

It guarantees the “homeless” the right to use the sidewalks, parks and public transportation without discrimination. 

What makes this worse is that the law that enshrines the homeless bill of rights also creates the right for a lawsuit for any violation of the bill of rights.  Here is what the new statute says:

In any civil action alleging a violation of this chapter, the court may award appropriate injunctive and declaratory relief, actual damages, and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs to a prevailing plaintiff.

What does this mean in plain, non-lawyer English?  It means that a judge may declare certain activities illegal.  Those activities might be demanding that some smelly, drunk, crack using “homeless” people quit congregating around the front door of your business because it is driving business away. 

The judge can then issue an injunction preventing a business owner from doing anything to stop the “homeless” from congregating at the business, award actual monetary damages and then award attorney’s fees. 

Here is what will happen.  The homeless advocacy groups will find a business that objects to the homeless driving their customers away and sue.  They will sue for actual damages less than $50, which means the defendant (the business) cannot get a jury trial.   Then you will have some radical left wing judge issue an injunction against a business, award nominal damages, then award a massive award in attorney fees. 

There are so many problems here but one of the biggest problems is this is a form of loser pays litigation.   In fact, this is worse than loser pays.  This is a subsidy for litigation.  It encourages litigation.  There is no reason for the “homeless advocates” not to sue.  The ACLU has stayed in business for decades by garnering attorney fees off of its bogus litigation.

The civil litigation system is for the most part wonderful.  It is not perfect but it is the best system out there.  This is an abuse of the civil litigation system.  This is not allowing a wronged party to go to court and seek redress.  This is creating litigation for the sole purpose of advancing political policies that would never get through the legislature.

The Governor of Rhode Island is Lincoln Chaffee.  He was a worthless RINO when he was in the Senate and he is even worse as a governor.  He is expected to sign the legislation.

Meanwhile, the States of Tennessee and Texas and the other Red States wish to thank Rhode Island and the other Blue States for exporting their jobs, their businesses and their productive citizens. 

Obama Campaign Gets Creepy

Obama’s data advantage


CHICAGO — On the sixth floor of a sleek office building here, more than 150 techies are quietly peeling back the layers of your life. They know what you read and where you shop, what kind of work you do and who you count as friends. They also know who your mother voted for in the last election.

The depth and breadth of the Obama campaign’s 2012 digital operation — from data mining to online organizing — reaches so far beyond anything politics has ever seen, experts maintain, that it could impact the outcome of a close presidential election. It makes the president’s much-heralded 2008 social media juggernaut — which raised half billion dollars and revolutionized politics — look like cavemen with stone tablets.

Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/president-obama/2012/06/11/obama-campaign-gets-creepy?cmpid=NL_FiredUpFoxNation#ixzz1xaJwOBkg

Obamacare’s Secret History

June 12, 2012

Obamacare’s secret history
Posted by Staff

The Wall Street Journal reports:
On Friday House Republicans released more documents that expose the collusion between the health-care industry and the White House that produced ObamaCare, and what a story of crony capitalism it is. If the trove of emails proves anything, it’s that the Tea Party isn’t angry enough.
Over the last year, the Energy and Commerce Committee has taken Nancy Pelosi’s advice to see what’s in the Affordable Care Act and how it passed. The White House refused to cooperate beyond printing out old press releases, but a dozen trade groups turned over thousands of emails and other files. A particular focus is the drug lobby, President Obama’s most loyal corporate ally in 2009 and 2010.

Lessons from Ike

Lessons from Ike

Barack Obama is the greatest narcissist in the history of the Oval Office.   Recently his Regime inserted Obama into the biographies of many of the former Presidents.  Most Americans laughed at the ego of Obama.

But there is a lesson Obama could learn from a man who once sat in the Oval Office.

What is that lesson?

Before Dwight Eisenhower became President of the United States, he was the Supreme Commander in Europe during World War II.   Without a doubt the toughest decision Eisenhower had to make during his command during World War II and probably the toughest decision of his life was the go or no go decision for the D-Day invasion.

This decision was not easy nor was the outcome certain either. 

68 years ago tonight Eisenhower penned a letter.  That letter spoke to nature of the man and his character.  Obama could learn a lot from what Ike did.

On June 5, 1944, Eisenhower wrote:

“Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”

The invasion had not taken place.  At the time Eisenhower wrote this handwritten note, the leading wave of the invasion, the paratroopers of the United States Army were in the air, soon to land in occupied France. 

Had the D-Day invasion failed, Eisenhower was fully prepared to take total responsibility for the failure.  He did not make excuses nor did he blame George Bush.

Obama could learn from this man. 

While Obama has very few accomplishments to talk about, he gets credit for none of them. 


If you are going to get credit for doing the good things, you have to take responsibility for that which goes wrong. 

That is a lesson Barack Obama has never learned.

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