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Whitehouse Threatens Reporter

Bob Woodward gets a dead fish

    Regardless of whether you like him or not, Bob Woodward is one of the greatest journalists of our time.  He was half of the team that broke the Watergate scandal and he has been a prolific writer and reporter since then.

    Now, Bob Woodward has been given the political equivalent of a dead fish on his front door.

    What has happened and what does this mean?

    Bob Woodward’s reporting on the sequester has been outstanding.  Translation: He is telling the truth about the budget sequester and the Obama Regime does not like this.

    So a senior White House official threatened Woodward.    Woodward was yelled at by the White House official then told he would, “regret doing this.”

    Even during the height of the Watergate scandal, the Nixon White House would not have dreamed of threatening a reporter.  Yet the Obama Regime, acting more like a third world banana republic dictatorship, than an American administration has absolutely no reservations about threatening not only a reporter but one of the most respected reporters of the last century.

    Let’s go back forty years, to the height of the Watergate scandal.  Imagine for a second that a senior official in the Nixon Administration had threatened Bob Woodward.  The media would have stepped out as one in defense of Woodward and a free press. 

    What happened now?  Some media outlets have reported this story.  Conservative news outlets have been carrying it.  But so have some liberal media outlets.   MSNBC’s Morning Joe program covered the story.

    Unfortunately, most of the liberal media has been in Barack Obama’s corner on this one.  Politico tried to spin the story as nothing meaningful.  Buzzfeed went further, receiving the source of the email from the White House and then suggesting Bob Woodward was so stupid that he misinterpreted a tip from Gene Sperling, Director of the White House economic council, as a threat.

    Bob Woodward has a pretty big platform and said Obama is showing “a kind of madness I have not seen in a long time.”  Move over Richard Nixon.

    There are two parts of this story that are very disturbing.  First, the Obama Regime does not think twice about threatening reporters who write stories it does not like. 

    The second is the slavish devotion the drive by media continues to have for the Obama Regime.    The fact that the Obama Regime could go after a prominent reporter and this is not headline news is shocking. 

    During the Bush Administration, the New York Times broke several stories about classified operations the government was using against terrorists.  These included stories about how the government monitored financial transactions and listened in on overseas calls.    The Bush administration was not happy about those stories but could you imagine what the media would have done with this if the Bush Administration had threatened those reporters?  Can you imagine what the media would have done if the Bush administration had launched a criminal probe into the leak of classified information to the Times and dragged Times reporters in front of a grand jury?

    Today the drive by media is more interested in a political agenda than it is in the truth.  They are more interested in regurgitating liberal propaganda than having journalistic integrity. With rare exceptions, if you want accurate reporting on the government, the only place you can find that now is in the conservative blogosphere. 

    The rest of the media is little more than propaganda organs for the Obama Regime.

    Selling Access To Obama For A Mere $500,000

    Selling access to President Obama for a mere $500,000

    By Michael Goodwin   Published February 27, 2013   New York Post

    Talk about a bargain. Organizing for Action, the new name of the Obama campaign team, is selling access to the president for $500,000. Donors who give or raise that amount get a seat on an advisory board and four meetings a year with Dear Leader.

    That’s big bucks, but I think the White House is selling its man cheap — think million-dollar package. For that, donors should get dinner with the president and first lady and, as a bonus, a stern lecture on the evils of wealth.

    The Oscars with Michelle Obama

    Quick poll from Laura Ingrahams website


    Q: Did you like Michelle Obama’s Oscar turn and her use of the military as “wallpaper”?

    Answer  Percent

    Yes     2%

    No 98%

    NBC Declares War on Christians

    By Todd Starnes   Published February 19, 2013    FoxNews.com

    Does NBC hate Christians?

    That’s what I was wondering over the weekend as I watched “Saturday Night Live” blaspheme Jesus Christ in a violent and bloody Quentin Tarantino parody – just three days after Ash Wednesday.

    The fake movie trailer for “Djesus Uncrossed” featured the Savior brandishing guns and blowing away Romans in classic Tarantino-style. Blood and gore and profanity spewed across flat screens from coast to coast; at one point Jesus sliced a man’s head in half.

    “Critics are calling it a less violent ‘Passion of the Christ,’” the announcer declared. “I never knew how much Jesus used the N-word.”

    Offending Christians is apparently what passes for entertainment these days.

    A few days before the SNL episode, NBC Sports blogger Rick Chandler wrote a scathing smear against a prominent Christian church in Dallas.

    Offending Christians is apparently what passes for entertainment these days.

    The First Baptist Church in Dallas had invited Tim Tebow to speak at an upcoming service. Chandler urged the outspoken Christian football player to reconsider.

    “Tim Tebow to speak at virulently anti-gay, anti-Semitic Dallas mega-church,” read the headline on Chandler’s hit piece.

    Sing Oldham, a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, told me he’s not surprised by NBC’s blistering assault on American Christians.

    “It’s open season on those who profess personal faith in Jesus Christ and pattern their lives by biblical morality,” he said. “Evangelical Christians are treated with contempt and targeted for ridicule.”

    And at the Peacock Network, the contempt and ridicule are on steroids.

    NBC removed the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during a produced video that aired during the U.S. Open.

    NBC medical editor Nancy Snyderman infamously denounced the religious part of Christmas during an episode of Today.

    “I don’t like the religion part,” said Snyderman. “I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up.”

    The “religion” she was referring to is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

    The network has also produced religion-bashing shows like “The New Normal” and “The Book of Daniel.” That particular show as so offensive it led American Family Radio Chairman Donald Wildmon to declare, “We are tired of NBC’s anti-Christian bigotry.”

    I wish I could tell you that this sort of anti-Christian bigotry is an anomaly. Sadly, it is not.

    We’ve seen the networks and national news publications denigrate the Christian faith with great flair  — from the “Good Christian B****es” of ABC to Newsweek’s Christmas essay about the “The Myths of Jesus.”

    I find it interesting that the networks always mock and ridicule Christianity – but they give other religions a pass.

    Why aren’t the writers at SNL churning out weekly skits about Islam – or the Prophet Mohammed? Where’s the mock movie trailer for “Jihad Undetonated?” Where’s the television show called “Good Muslim B****es?” Or the magazine essay about “The Myths of Mohammed?”

    I suspect we all know the answer to why.

    I’ve often wondered why the people at 30 Rock hold Christians in such contempt. Maybe they choose to attack Christians because we are easy targets.

    Southern Baptist spokesman Oldham said it should come as no surprise that networks like NBC target Christians for ridicule.

    “Jesus said, ‘the world will hate you because of my name,’” he said, referring to a passage in the New Testament.

    As best as I can tell, the folks over at NBC are either ideological bullies or religious bigots.

    Either one is enough for me to change the channel.

    If Hollywood liberals want tax hikes, they should look In the mirror

    If you’re settling in to watch the Oscars tonight and want to genuinely enjoy the experience, best not to think of the fact that those Hollywood celebrities do their best to suck the government of all the tax subsidies they can get while simultaneously advocating that taxes be raised – just, you know, not on the movie industry.

    Consider a few of this year’s Oscar nominated films. According to a new report by the Government Accountability Institute, Quentin Tarantino’s controversial spaghetti Western, Django Unchained, featuring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio has applied to receive an estimated $8.4 million in film tax credits from the State of Louisiana. Actor-director Ben Affleck and producer George Clooney’s film, Argo, received $6.21 million in tax credits from the California Film Commission. Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, featuring Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones, hauled in $3.5 million in tax-free film credits. Silver Linings Playbook bagged a cool $5.6 million.

    America’s Number One Terrorist

  • Posted by Darwin Rockantansky on February 23, 2013 at 2:30pm
  • My father served in the Korean War. And he served in the Vietnam war. His time in Vietnam overlapped with my first of two combat tours in Vietnam.

    And when I came “home” after my last tour I could not legally buy a beer or vote because I was not yet old enough.

    And I could not get a “real” job because I was labelled as a “drug crazed baby killer”. I actually had someone interviewing me for a job ask me about how many babies I had killed. So I reenlisted in the military until such time as it was possible for me to slip back into the mainstream work force unnoticed. 

    And I raised a family, started and ran my own business for a couple of decades, hired and fired people and always tried to do “the right thing”… which had a tendency of getting me fired from time to time but on the upside that provided the incentive to start my own business.

    And despite the way I and my brethren Vietnam Vets were treated, I have always insisted on flying the American Flag in front of my home.

    And when I screwed up once again and dared to voice my strong support of our Constitution and began associating with others of a like mind, that would be Tea Party folks,  my Vice President called me a “domestic terrorist”.

    And now those “teaching” (indoctrinating?) our next generation of military leaders has listed the Tea Party as Domestic Terrorists (notice the promotion from lower case to capitalization – reflecting the perceived elevation of our potential threat to the status quo).

    Many moons ago, I published an article entitled: “I AM The Tea Party” in response to a question posed to me and in some part in response to being called a “Terrorist” by VP Joe Biden.

    My father always told me that personal opinions are like rear ends; everybody has one and in most cases they stink. And with that bit of wisdom held close to my heart, name calling has never been offensive to me. But being called a “terrorist” by the second most powerful “leader” in this nation gave me pause. So I looked up the word in the dictionary:

    Terrorist: A person who terrorizes of frightens others.

    I guess that I and other like minded people truly do qualify as “terrorists” because we obviously frighten a great number of folks – the Elitists and Crony Capitalists in Washington and those who fear losing their free cell phones and other government handouts.

    But try as we might, We The People are amateurs in the “Terrorism” business when compared to Barack Obama.

    The non-stop mass media barrage being rained down on the American people by Barack Obama and his regime of terror has not been seen in the “civilized” world since the Blitzkrieg of WW-II.

    Blitzkrieg: Military maneuver which attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.

    Sequestration: The Armageddon of Modern Times!


    I am certainly no economists; just ask my wife. 

    But when we examine all the zeros in the amounts being discussed, the “sequestration” amounts to something not unlike a highly payed professional deciding not to have just one cup of Starbucks Coffee each month.

    So far Barack Obama and his regime of terrorists have identified a tremendous impact on our daily lives:

    1. Teachers will be laid off (a wishful idea not entirely without merit)
    2. Fire Fighters will be laid off endangering lives
    3. First Responders will be laid off endangering lives
    4. Hospitals will shut down costing lives
    5. Social Security will cease for seniors
    6. Benefits will cease for our veterans
    7. Police will be laid off allowing crime to run rampant
    8. Big Bird will starve to death?

    Mr. Obama and his terrorist regime depend heavily on the willful ignorance of the American people and because of that we are losing our country.

    Some of us know that state and local taxes pay for our police departments, our fire departments, our teachers, and just about everything else Mr. Obama waves in front of the collective frightened sheep aka: his supporters.

    The rest of America typically just shake their heads and do and say nothing.

    Besides not being an economist, neither am I a lawyer…BUT….

    Article II, Section 4 of our Constitution cites: “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” as being just cause for impeachment. Follow the above link for a great discussion / definition of the phrase.

    Politicians can argue what constitutes “Treason”, although personally I would suggest that funding sworn enemies of our nation (The Muslim Brotherhood – “I will stand with my Muslim Brothers) would be just cause for impeachment.  But to us simple folks, my reasoning is much more simplistic…

    It is illegal to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

    It is a significant felony to call in a false bomb threat because it causes panic and a pointless redirection of resources; it is a form of terrorism.

    Terrorist: A person who terrorizes of frightens others.

    Mr. Obama is knowingly terrorizing this nation for political gain – plain and simple.

    Either he knows that what he is saying is absolutely false, in which case he is guilty of first degree terrorism.

    Or he truly does not know that what he is saying is not true; in which case he desperately needs to be impeached for first degree stupidity.

    One man’s opinion.

    Tea Party Sell out, Pt 2.

  • Posted by Judson Phillips on February 23, 2013 at 7:54am in Tea Party Nation Forum

    To say the Tea Party Senators, with the possible exception of Rand Paul, have been a disappointment is an understatement.  There is one Senator who is associated with the Tea Party who has become a particular disappointment. 

    This Senator has moved hard to the establishment to advance this Senator’s political career.  The results are not only disappointing but potentially disastrous.

    Who is this Senator who is so disappointing and is now causing so much damage?

    It is Marco Rubio.

    Rubio went to Washington from Florida in 2010 with great fanfare.  He had taken on the Establishment and beat them.  Now he is the Establishment.

    In a recent interview, Rubio expressed support for Karl Rove’s new PAC that is designed to pick the winners in the Republican Primary.  Rove’s PAC wants to exclude Tea Party candidates and support establishment candidates. 

    Rubio may feel like he owes Rove because Rove’s PAC did support him in the general election.  But let’s go back down memory lane.  Rubio’s opponent in 2010 was former Florida Governor and liberal (then) Republican Charlie Crist.   Crist was the great RINO hope.   Floridians were told that Crist is electable and Rubio was not.   They were told that Crist was reasonable and Rubio was an extremist. 

    If Rove’s PAC had been in operation in 2010, trying to decide races for the Establishment, they would have been all in for Crist, not Rubio. 

    Loyalty is noble but it has its limits. 

    Rubio’s other great sell out has been on Amnesty. 

    Rubio has been leading the Republican pack for Amnesty.   The theory is, according to the beltway Republicans, that if the GOP just surrenders on Amnesty, Hispanics will suddenly love the GOP. 

    We call this wishful thinking.

    A poll released just this week showed Obama’s popularity and the popularity of the Democrats rising with Hispanics while Republican popularity is at best staying even.

    If the Republican premise is that supporting Amnesty will give them support in the Hispanic community, that premise is not only faulty, it is totally wrong.

    Amnesty will be a disaster.  It will result in between five and ten million new Democrat voters.  That’s assuming there is no voter fraud by the Democrats.   The chances of that are about the same as winning the lottery.

    In 2000, the Clinton administration ordered what was then the Immigration and Naturalization service, to speed up the naturalization processing for hundreds of thousands of immigrants. 


    New immigrants, as a demographic vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.    The Democrats were not fools.  They knew the race would be tight and their best strategy, other than outright fraud, was to try and create a bunch of new Democrat voters.

    Rubio now sees himself as a contender for 2016.   Perhaps he believes the Tea Party is now dead and is abandoning it.  Perhaps he believes the Establishment can now give him what he wants.

    Perhaps in the end, it does not matter.    He is giving conservatives absolutely no reason to support him if he runs for President or if he runs for reelection.

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